Cennik terapii Wrocław
photo by GuySie

Here you can search for your own room and different ways of expression. Here we can meet, respecting each other’s borders and being open to each other. Here aren’t any good or wrong answers but a dialogue with a possibility to express one’s doubts, to feel, to move.

About me

My name is Agata Szymków. I am a therapist during certification process in Gestalt Therapy Institute in Cracow where I supervise my work on an on-going basis. Counseling and personal development are my main interests, both in private and professional life. I was born and I live in Wrocław where I graduated from University. Apart from the individual therapy I organize workshops and support groups. Since 2009 I have practiced Nonviolent Communication method by Marshall Rosenberg.


I have chosen Gestalt therapy because I truly believe in its humanistic principle that each of us possesses everything one needs to be fulfilled and therapy is a way to teach us how to reach that potential. For non-Polish speakers I offer therapy in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Phone: 609 836 754, e-mail: kontakt@miedzynami.org.pl


Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy sees an individual as a whole and aims to integrate five aspects of one’s existence – emotional, rational, physical, spiritual and relationships with others. When those aspects do not harmonise with each other or when your conscious and voluntary exchange with others is disturbed, you may have difficulties in relationships, feel bad, find your problems impossible to be solved. Looking closer at those difficulties during sessions, with support and presence of a therapist, may initiate a journey in search of your inner balance. You may check new solutions and ways to handle difficult situations in a safe environment of the therapy room. Anything you have experienced during sessions can be taken away to enrich your way of interacting with yourself and with others.

How does a session look like?

Therapy is in great deal a conversation. We will sit facing each other and you will tell me about yourself, about what you bring to the session. You will have the possibility to experience your emotions, feel the signs coming from your body, listen to the feedback. You will invite me to your world and I will be a thoughtful and respectful guest. If you will wish to experience some situation, for example role play some important event from your past, I will be there to keep you company.

Anything that happens during the session is important and may contribute to your development.